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What is BPO Hive?

BPO Hive was born as a solution to a problem we faced in our day-to-day business life. We saw the potential to sell more products, land bigger deals, and engage wider audiences, however, the talent needed to do so was never available.

The local candidates either demanded too much in terms of pay, weren’t qualified enough, or came with a long list of compliance and tax requirements that we weren’t quite ready to commit to, which is the case with most businesses today.

That’s why we opted for outsourcing, which is the future of hiring experienced professionals. We take distance out of the equation, and focus on connecting businesses with the right teams that can advance their business’s growth.

BPO Hive hires Egyptian sales professionals that are fluent and experts at what they do. With us, you don’t commit or pay right away, instead, you have a 5-day obligation-free trial to see our professionals in action with zero cost.

We’re not another freelancing platform, we focus on teams of outsourced professionals that are formed depending on your needs. With us, you won’t receive another one-size-fits-all solution, and you’ll be able to stay connected with your teams on all tasks.

Our process starts with you booking a meeting with our team and telling us more about your current challenges, the vacancies you have, and what your concept is of an ideal candidate.

Then, we introduce you to a wide array of options and candidates that can come together to form a cohesive, high-functioning team that serves your business’s needs perfectly.